Teamdonk Gets Some Time Off

Last week a cold front moved through the region dropping the temperatures into the twenties at night remaining cold and windy during the daytime hours.  Temperatures are moderating so it will feel really good when the smoke clears to get back out with Teamdonk road tripping.  The hay field we have been enjoying is now open to the cows.  Two of our hayfields have been disked and will soon be replanted to fall wheat and canola for a few years to get rid of the weed we have been fighting.   As far as field driving we are down to one wheat field near the house and one small hayfield.  Everything else close has been burned or is getting ready for seed.

With the slash pile fires the Forest Service is setting, the natural wildfires and the field fires the DEA has put the Camas Prairie into moderated air quality.  cough…cough… It is extremely dry, normally by now we have enough rain to green up the pastures.  It is just not happening this year!  We need moisture to replant the fields and refresh the pastures.

Saturday the boys went road tripping to the vets for dental work.  Luc has not been driven since the first of August when I noticed he was having trouble with bit comfort.  Since then I noticed Merlin has also been uncomfortable.  It was time for all the guys to get the sharp points whittled down, we do this every four years.

Dental Work

Luc getting a hand float.  Click on the photos to bring them up to full size.

We were able to get the work completed with minimal stress to the donkey boys, of course they may not agree with this statement.  A bucket of treats and a come along to convince them to enter the stocks was all that was needed.  I’m amazed that we were able to get Luc even into the facility, we did use the heavy cotton rope around his butt to keep him from backing out but again it was much less stressful than the time before.   Getting there early and having time to work with the boys and an understanding vet really helped!

Galahad & Vet Kim

Galahad was next and we were all surprised that he needed more done that Luc.

Dental Work Merlin

Big ole’ Merlin really filled up the stocks.  He needed the least amount of dental work but still had some very sharp points that were taken down.

All the boys ended up getting so much work that Vet Kim said to give them a good five days off to heal. I have a second plan for the boys while we are waiting for their mouths to heal… wait till Merlin and Galahad discover what I have in store for them!


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