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Laid Off to Recuperate

Nope not me… Mammoth Donkey boys  Merlin and Luc… the calmest driving donkeys from both teams.  This is really not fair as the other two can not be driven together!  Here is Luc and Merlin waiting for their evening meds.  Click on all the photos to bring them up to full size.

Jun 6,2014Luc started limping Thursday the 19th, just about the timeI was getting ready for work.  Did a quick check and thought maybe there was some swelling below his knee.  When I arrived home, Luc was laying in the donkey sick bed.  Merlin’s favorite place to be when he is not feeling good.  When Luc got up I noticed he could not move.  I went rushing out to check and his entire near side front leg was HOT… not warm but the hottest I have ever felt!  Of course this is out in the pasture away from cold water.  Stringing hose together I was able to get to him and he really seemed to enjoy the icy cold water running down his heated leg.  I didn’t even grab a halter just wanted to get that leg cooled off as quick as possible.  Here is Luc slowly making his way to Feed Jail for his evening meds.

In the mean time I noticed Merlin limping into water.  He has just recovered from a really nasty abscess that blew a horizontal line across the entire top of his hoof on the back side.  I meant to wrap it before the rains and cold weather arrived but it just didn’t happen. After I cooled Luc’s leg I went to check on Merlin.

The hoof crack was filled with mud, there was no heat but he was clearly miserable. I pulled the water hoses up to Merlin and cleaned his front near side hoof thoroughly.  Then I poured 7% Iodine into the crack and packed it in Ichthammol, the black drawing salve, and wrapped the hoof.  This is Merlin is on his way to feed jail.

Jun 23,2014

By now Luc had made it up to where I was working on Merlin.  I was able to hose Luc’s leg until it was just slightly warm with minimal swelling.  It wasn’t until the next morning I found a silver dollar size lump on the inside of his lower leg that was fluid filled and very tender.  My best guess is Luc was bit or stung and had a huge reaction to something he came into contact with, maybe even play time with Galahad.  The lump was gone by the next evening but Luc was still limping.  Of course it could always be an abscess, I never rule that out but as of now the hoof and coronary band feel fine and all the swelling and heat are gone.

For five days Luc and Merlin have been receiving a packet each of Uniprim which is excellent for bacterial infections, and Phenylbutazone for pain and inflammation, mixed together in apple sauce.  Many hugs and treats follows their daily doctoring for being so good about taking their meds.  That first evening was a tough one on me too, they were hurting and I felt so bad for both of them.

I am happy to say that both are recuperating. Merlin is ahead of Luc in being able to get around soundly and both are off meds now.  It’s going to be a little bit before they will be back driving.  The farrier is due Thursday and once that happens I think we will be able to sneak in a few short drives next week with Merlin and Marshall before their big 4th of July  five day layoff. I don’t want to rush it with either one of them.  We’ll go for some one on one evening walks to determine if they are ready to get back into harness.  Hopefully our next post is all about driving happy healthy Mammoth Donkeys!

Jun23, 2014The Teamdonk boys are doing their job keeping the fence line trimmed.



AAA Donkey Driving Road Assistance

It was AAA Donkey Driving Road ASSistance to my rescue today!  I over tweaked harness and had to unhitch, fix and rehitch on a gravel road!  My wonderful neighbors came on the run to help!  Thank you Jerry and Judy… you saved our drive today!

It was Merlin and Marshall’s day.  Spent a lot of time readjusting Merlin’s back strap that was hooked up wrong.  Once the strap was moved to the correct ring his breeching was too long and needed shortened.  It’s been that way for over a year.  When I took the spreaders off I could see it was not configured correctly.  I remember shortening the breeching last season which at the time I thought was very odd!  That is probably what caused his collar sore last year.

Marshall’s problem was that everything underneath was too tight and once hitched he had no room to move!  Now with these corrections we may try the Gig again later and see how it goes!

This was only their third hitch together so they are still going only four miles or less.  Marshall is afraid of the tall roadside grass waving in the wind.  I need him to be able to move over when we meet traffic.  I tricked him a few times and as soon as he realized I had moved him to the side of the road he was definitely unhappy.  For now Marshall is going on the traffic side and Merlin is going on the ditch side.  Marshall being a city boy should be able to handle most of our traffic!

Today we drove in our hay field that had the crop in windrows.  Marshall got to see the machine shed, the pond, bee hives, the neighbor’s horses and cattle all in the same drive!  He had to exit the field next to a portable welder that was being used to work on a piece of equipment.  He couldn’t decide which to spook at first… by the time he made up his mind we were past and going down the road!~

Work and weather is going to delay our next outing.. it will be a wait and see game!  Stay tuned!  The GoPro failed us again, since I thought it was working I didn’t pull out the camera and take any photos.  Here is one I took a few drives ago of a beautiful homestead that was a long way from where we were, another long distance shot.  Looks like a nice place to live to me!

scenic shot

I saw them…. But the boys didn’t until…..

Jun 6,2014

Deer crossed the road in front of Luc and Galahad who were too busy doing important donkey stuff to see them…It happened right in front of us and on the skyline, too! I figured they would be long gone by the time we arrived… oh was I wrong!  The canola field they ran into is somewhere around 5 to 6 feet tall.  It was Galahad who was the first to spot the larger of the two jumping thru the canola right next to him.  WHOA… WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?  Then he spotted the smaller one.  The first one ran across the road in front of us, making the boys about 10 foot tall and ready to bolt!  We watched the first one run about a mile across a wheat field.  The second one just disappeared.  I have a feeling it was a fawn who laid down and hid.  Poor Galahad he just stood there until he was sure it was safe to travel once again!  He never did quit looking for the second deer!

It was a lively drive this morning.  The temperature was 56 degrees when we left and 65 degrees when we returned, so it was picture perfect driving weather!

We drove six miles in 2 hours and 25 minutes and when we arrived home the boys were hitched to the Pacific Gig and we moved it to a new location out of my way.  It goes to the welder next month to have the pole flipped over so the line of draft will be about four inches lower than it is now.

I removed the line spreaders and that took care of the problem of Luc wrapping the inside line around the neck yoke, then jerking his head up to let me know he was in trouble and we needed to stop…right now!  They really did not need them on the two wheeled Pacific Show Cart, I also took them off the other team’s harness.

The Go Pro camera was a NO Go today so you are without video, maybe tomorrow I can coax it into working!  It will be Marshall and Merlin tomorrow on the Pacific Cart, that should be fun!

Jun 6,2014

These photos were taken on our last drive so the line spreaders are still in place.  Click on both photos to bring them up to full size.

Running Cows, Deer, All kinds of Fun

Burr, it was a long wait for it to warmup enough to head out this morning, but we finally made it!  We had lots of excitement that generated some quick moving donkey boys.

Jun 6,2014

Bachelor Whitetail Bucks were a long way off, I still managed to get several photos of them.

Wild Sunflowers have completed taken over this un farmed hill top

Wild Sunflowers have completed taken over this un- farmed hill top

Jun 6,2014

Click on all the photos to bring up to screen size for better viewing!

Now for today’s video and here she is:

Today’s stats:

2 hours and 18 minutes of driving bliss

Total of 5.12 miles

Our fastest trot was 7.4 mph

3.0 mph was our moving average


Kisses for Marshall

Merlin reached over and gave Marshall a kiss on his nose, it seems Merlin is very happy with his new teammate.  We went hill climbing today and the new team had their first trot a slow easy 6.3 mph jog.  I really like that!

Serenaded by the enchanting sounds of bagpipes, carrots for the donkeys and cookies for me… we have the world’s best donkey lovin’ neighbors!  Merlin loves listening to bagpipes while he munches on his share of the carrots, what a great spot to take a break.  Marshall wasn’t so sure but hey Merlin likes it so it must be okay!

We drove a relaxing 4 miles, I even had to exit the cart once to check on some harness and cart issues.  Both donkeys stood fine while I got out and then back in.  I am going to put Merlin back into his 18 inch collar, Marshall is going to try a 17 inch collar and the gig is going to the welder to get the singletrees lowered.  I had the same issues as last year as that I had today so I think it is time to see if this will solve my line of draft problems.

Here is some of today’s drive


Teamdonk M & M

It was another Whoo Hoo Teamdonk drive today!  Two biggies in a row!  Rather than waste any of your time just go straight to the GoPro video!

Here are the stars of today’s drive RMS Magical Merlin on the near side and ALERRT’S Montana Marshall on the off side the new Teamdonk #2

Okay we are shedding..or molting I'm not sure which! Click to enlarge the photo

Okay we are shedding..or molting I’m not sure which!
Click to enlarge the photo

Set OFF The Fireworks and POP the Cork!

Looking at Winona Butte just above Reservation Line Road Luc and Galahad June 2, 2014  Click to enlarge the photo

Looking at Winona Butte just above Reservation Line Road Luc and Galahad June 2, 2014 Click to enlarge the photo

We have arrived at over One Thousand LOGGED Driving Miles, the key word being logged!  I knew I had surpassed that goal of a thousand miles long ago, but there was no way to prove it and now I can!  So can these guys as they are our witnesses and they don’t lie… according to them!

In the bottom of Day Canyon these cows were enjoying the coolness of the early morning.

In the bottom of Day Canyon these cows were enjoying the coolness of the early morning.

Luc and I started driving in 2004, then on July 26, 2006, I started keeping track of miles and time driven through the Recreational Driving Yahoo list.  Eve Dexter has been logging of all of this for many folks for a very long time.  A huge thank you Eve for all the beautiful certificates to remind me every time we log 100 hours!

Here are Teamdonk’s latest official stats as of this drive:

Total Logged Miles Driven this morning: Seven!

Total Logged Hours this morning  2 hours 50 minutes

Our Maximum trot speed was 8 mph.  We had a 3.2 mph moving average time.

Total Driving time is 542 hours of me sitting behind them.

To recap the Teamdonk boys past and present go to:

As always stay right here at for more driving adventures, pictures and videos!  Hit the follow button for an email notification each time a new blog is posted.  Thanks to all those who have followed along with Teamdonk for the past eight years!

Jack and Helen Eden of Montana were instrumental is getting Luc and I started driving right, thank you both!  Many others have been helpful on the internet and on the phone to help me sort this driving thing out… to all a huge Thank You!

Here is a video of today’s monumental drive.

Drive On Mammoth Donkey boys, Drive On!

The famous Luc and Galahad pose!  Click to enlarge the photos.

The famous Luc and Galahad pose! Click to enlarge the photos.