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Dec 30, 2014

Snow Donkeys

It has happened, this year is quickly coming to a close.  As you can see a very dirty, but content, Teamdonk plans to nap their way into a brand new year.  At zero point two degrees fahrenheit their thick unruly hair coats will absorb enough rays to keep them comfortable.  Mammoth Donkeys don’t seem to mind the cold as long as there is plenty of hay, loose salt, heated water and a three sided pasture shelter to escape the elements. Don’t forget their daily breakfast… oh my gosh …. Don’t Forget BREAKFAST!!!

Happy New Year from RMS Magical Merlin, first in line, OK Sir Galahad and at the end of the line RMS LippyLuver Luc. Jim and Kristi

Snow Donkeys

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US National Weather Service

Dave Noble of the NOAA weather service in Missoula, Montana has just used a Teamdonk photo as background.  We are honored!


It has been lightly snowing since shortly after 2pm.  Grangeville has approximately 3/4 inch of snow and the streets are slick.  At the farm we probably only have about a half inch.  Not to much to report.

Harness is washed, oiled and hung … looks like winter is about to settle into North Central Idaho.

Field Fire Gone WRONG

As I was harnessing I could see a plume of smoke and thought how odd it was someone would try to burn as the breeze had definitely picked up.  When we arrived at the corner I could see how intensely the fire had grown and decided to drive into the steep canyon and test the modified yankee breeching rather than go across the prairie.  More on the breeching later…

In the canyon several things happened.  First there was a large water truck headed towards us in the direction of the fire… not a good sign I thought.  Then the phone rang to confirm there was a field fire out of control and I needed to return home.  At that point I was passed by another water truck heading  in the direction of the fire.  I reached the turn around and could see helicopters working on the blaze and by then smoke was filtering into the canyon.  I decided it would be in our best interest to be closer to the home place so back up the canyon and into the smoke we climbed.

It was out by the time I reached our house and decided a field drive was in order.


Our neighbor Shirley took these photos from her advantage point across the road from the fire.   Had the fire crossed the highway it could have done a lot of damage, thank goodness it was stopped.











Here is the video of our Teamdonk drive starting off with a good brisk trot!

A Smoky Environment

Here it is August and I should be posting stories, videos and photos of wonderful field drives, but it is not to be.  A shift in the Jet Stream has brought a series of severe thunderstorms and cooler temperatures lasting several more days to the Pacific Northwest.  Our biggest deterrent to enjoying the great outdoors has been heavy thick layers of smoke engulfing the prairie and cutting our visibility to about a quarter of a mile.  This is what it looks like at out place today.Aug 13,2014Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Several of our larger wildfires are near containment so I’m looking for the smoke to slowly dissipate. Go Firefighters!!

Yesterday we had rain early in the morning and then again later in the day.  The afternoon thunderstorm that roared through the region was  equipped with booming skies and high winds.  It refreshed the air and cleared out the smoke, giving us a welcome break.  It slowed but didn’t stop harvest which was great for us! We are scheduled for a repeat performance from Mother Nature again this afternoon. Unfortunately a large plume of smoke could be seen at the Selway River fire once the storm cleared out the inversion.  This was taken yesterday following the storm.Aug 12, 2014

Jim put a round bale out for the boys to play in and tear apart last Sunday.  They’ve been having a great time with it.  Once they are done Jim will push it into the compost pile and bring them another.  These are bales that are not really good enough to feed but the boys will pick thru them to see if there is anything eatable.  Luc and Marshall decided to hang out together this morning next to our unharvested fall soft white wheat. Aug 14, 2014

That is our Teamdonk update.  If the forecast is correct we hope to be out driving next week.  Merlin and Galahad are wanting to go check out the harvested fields!

A Diamond in the Rough

Windows & Siding 2-28-14

A diamond in the rough is exactly what our landlady saw in the old Kingma family farm house.  2014 has been a huge transition year for this lovely family farm home where Jim, his brother and sisters were raised.  Here is the original siding with the new main floor triple pane windows installed.

In January, which was an unusually mild month, Herman started replacing all the old single pane windows, many were cracked and only a select few actually opened.  Four of the windows and two of the doors inside received beautiful new trim that framed them perfectly!  Most of the old farm windows were distributed to family members so they could have something to remember the house that held so many childhood memories of their beloved Parents/Grandparents and Great Grandparents.


These are some of the original windows, we spoke for one of the middle sized ones and the two on the right side that I am transforming into picture frames.

Once Herman accomplished the new windows he began the huge job of hand sanding every inch of the outside of the house.  This house was cedar sided when it was built in the early 1950’s.  A new addition was added to the front in the mid seventies.  Some of the siding had deteriorated to the point of needing replaced with concrete boards that would take the harsh weather.


Herman made his own scaffolding, in order to get every inch hand sanded down to the bare wood, by the time I snapped this photo he had already taken the top layers down, it was scary high!

Finally late spring it warmed enough to begin the 50 gallons of paint project.  First a layer of 25 year guaranteed primer coated the entire house.  Followed by the exterior and then trim paints.  The house was transformed!

Kingma Farm House

Herman was not done!  Two loads of tile rock, a skid steer, and an excavator show up.  With our tractor Jim brought in huge amounts of fill dirt and in three days the landscaping  transformed this into a show place with beautifully placed rock work.

Kingma Farm House

Gutters will soon be installed to finish the house project.  What a year it has been on transforming this ole’ farm house.  I can hardly believe it is the same place I tried to not get into the background of Teamdonk photos.

The rock sidewalk to the front door.

We have never had a such a beautiful walkway that goes to all three doors in the front of the house. The new gutters, which are next,  will connect to the pipes strategically staged to carry the water into the pastures and away from all sides of the house.

The inside of the new doors has been my project and this one is just about finished.

Kingma Farm House

Thank you Herman, Matt and Julie, all your efforts are truly appreciated!

Deer Patrol

Marshall is the sergeant in charge of fighting off the deer… or so he thinks.  He huffs and blows, he stomps his feet and it’s often a major stand-off until the deer give up and bounces out of sight.  Marshall wins, again!

Marshall 7-9-14

The other three are encouraging him to just “Go Git “Em, Marshall…. we’ve got your back all the way”….. and if you believe that……

Donkeys on Deer Patrol


Click on all the photos to bring them up to full size!

Set OFF The Fireworks and POP the Cork!

Looking at Winona Butte just above Reservation Line Road Luc and Galahad June 2, 2014  Click to enlarge the photo

Looking at Winona Butte just above Reservation Line Road Luc and Galahad June 2, 2014 Click to enlarge the photo

We have arrived at over One Thousand LOGGED Driving Miles, the key word being logged!  I knew I had surpassed that goal of a thousand miles long ago, but there was no way to prove it and now I can!  So can these guys as they are our witnesses and they don’t lie… according to them!

In the bottom of Day Canyon these cows were enjoying the coolness of the early morning.

In the bottom of Day Canyon these cows were enjoying the coolness of the early morning.

Luc and I started driving in 2004, then on July 26, 2006, I started keeping track of miles and time driven through the Recreational Driving Yahoo list.  Eve Dexter has been logging of all of this for many folks for a very long time.  A huge thank you Eve for all the beautiful certificates to remind me every time we log 100 hours!

Here are Teamdonk’s latest official stats as of this drive:

Total Logged Miles Driven this morning: Seven!

Total Logged Hours this morning  2 hours 50 minutes

Our Maximum trot speed was 8 mph.  We had a 3.2 mph moving average time.

Total Driving time is 542 hours of me sitting behind them.

To recap the Teamdonk boys past and present go to:

As always stay right here at for more driving adventures, pictures and videos!  Hit the follow button for an email notification each time a new blog is posted.  Thanks to all those who have followed along with Teamdonk for the past eight years!

Jack and Helen Eden of Montana were instrumental is getting Luc and I started driving right, thank you both!  Many others have been helpful on the internet and on the phone to help me sort this driving thing out… to all a huge Thank You!

Here is a video of today’s monumental drive.

Drive On Mammoth Donkey boys, Drive On!

The famous Luc and Galahad pose!  Click to enlarge the photos.

The famous Luc and Galahad pose! Click to enlarge the photos.

Getting Ready!


This is my view from inside the tractor cab.  What you see is the log deck in the background that Jim cut next winter’s firewood from earlier in the day.  He is stacking the splitter that I operate from the tractor.  Click on the photo to make it full size.

It’s never to early to think about Ole’ Man Winter!  Memorial Day was our first chance to get a start on next winter’s heating fuel.  I was able to run the splitter and the video camera at the same time so you could see how smoothly this operation goes.

It was good day, we got a healthy cord of wood neatly stacked in the shed!  More time and cooler temperatures will get this job done before the snow flies again, five more cords of wood to go!

May is Happy Birthday Month

Happy Birthday to Marshall who turns 16 May 20th,  Luc who turns 13 May 29th and to Merlin who is now 8 years old as of May 8th.

Galahad you get to wait until September 5th to turn 11 years old.

Here are a few other fun Teamdonk facts.

RMS Lippyluver Luc has been a resident of Idaho for 11 1/2 years, he was formerly of Montana.  He has been driving now for ten years.  Luc has earned his Supreme Driving Award and 8 Participation awards from ADMS.

Luc and Galahad participating in the 100th Annual Idaho's Oldest Rodeo Celebration.  Border Days in Grangeville, Idaho

Luc and Galahad participating in the 100th Annual Idaho’s Oldest Rodeo Celebration. Border Days in Grangeville, Idaho

OK Sir Galahad, who is Luc’s team mate as Teamdonk #1 has been driving for five years with Luc and Merlin and as a single.  Galahad has been here for seven years, Washington State was his home before Idaho.  Galahad has his ADMS Versatility Hall of Fame Award also.

RMS Magical Merlin

RMS Magical Merlin, pictured above, turned 8 years old on May 8th.  He and Luc share a Rocky Mountain Songbirds heritage.  Merlin has been driving for 3 1/2 years.  He has been in Idaho for 5 years.  Merlin initiated Teamdonk #2 as a way to tell the two teams apart.  Merlin and Marshall will be my M ‘n M Team.  Marshall and Merlin should make a great driving team.

Marshall on this side

ALERRT’S Montana Marshall turns 16 years old as of May 20th.  He has been a driving donkey on and off for many years in a team.  He has pulled farm implements and driven the open roads with Robert and Nelda Auge.  It has been awhile since Marshall has been hitched, this picture was dated 2009.  His first Teamdonk hitch is  happening here soon.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.  Happy Birthday Teamdonk boys Marshal, Luc and Merlin!

Just a little more….

This is a short clip left over from yesterday’s drive with a couple of photos thrown in, just for fun.

We drove the 5 mile loop in 2 hours and 15 minutes on our second drive!  Galahad and I watched a deer leaping through the canola while the team was catching their breath.  Luc was  napping, I think!

With their heavy hair coats and just coming out of winter  they get to move at a slower pace with more rest breaks.  These drives make them warm and a little sweaty, once in shape I can’t hardly make them break a sweat!  They  usually enjoy a good roll when we get back for our drive.

Their hooves are looking good and fortunately they are not picking up a lot of tiny rocks but they still getting a good cleaning after each drive just in case.

Now it is Marshall’s turn to get some ground driving in before he gets hitched with Luc.  He is really wanting to go and Luc can show him the way.  Watch for Marshal’s first Teamdonk drive coming to a computer near you soon!