The Ears Always Know


Today was our twenty-third drive of the year.  It is also RMS Magical Merlin’s 8th Birthday.  His sire was Heart B Mister, originally from Idaho, and his dam was a Jennet from the Garrett Ranch in Oklahoma.  Merlin hails from Ismay, Montana and he and Luc are both Rocky Mountain Songbird donkeys. He drives single or with a teammate but has yet to wear a saddle.  He’s calm and work motivated.  I really love this 60 inch hunk of Mammoth Donkey boy, he is just so dependable.

Merlin’s Teammate OK Sir Galahad had a birthday September 5th,  turning ten years old.  His sire was Siemon’s Maxamillion, his dam was OK Lady Scarlet and he was foaled at Enumclaw, WA.  I have become extremely impressed with Galahad every time he is driven.  He has become very safe and sane.  I have ridden Galahad and he would make a wonderful riding donkey.  Galahad has no fear of mud or water and often comes in with mud all the way up his legs from the springs in the back pasture.

The boys are both wearing Cruppers today to help keep the Back Straps from sliding forward off the hips and to support the breeching modifications.  The additional strap you see on Merlin is a takeoff of a Yankee Breeching.  It’s an interesting concept, I haven’t made any decisions yet if it helps or not.

Here is another look at Merlin’s Box/Yankee breeching.  I will be working on Galahad’s later today. Click on the photos to bring them up to full size.  Their winter coats are getting thicker due to the shorter days and the cooler nights. Changing Merlin's Breeching

You’ll have to see today’s video to see how I came up with the title.


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