Saddle Up and Ride ‘Em

Merlin's First Ride Sept 15, 2014

Starting at noon I intended to do simple saddle training with Merlin, who has never even seen one until today.  Turned out it was to be Merlin’s first ride after an hour introduction.  I took it slow and he was just fine with all the steps, here is what happened when I stepped up on him.  Merlin is smooth gated, Jim is going to enjoy riding him.

Luc Ridden Sept 15, 2014Luc really wanted to go next, he was saddled and off we went for about an hours ride through the harvested wheat field checking out the neighbor’s sheep.  He is on the rough gated side but we both throughly enjoyed the outing.   Luc has been ridden a lot in the past but today I think he liked it more than he ever has.  Here is his short video.

Galahad was saddled next.  He was ridden twice five years ago, this was like a first time ride for him and he was pretty nervous.  We had a great visit with Grandma while he stood saddled.  Then we went for a walk before his ride.  He was jumpy but all went well.  The GoPro was only giving me one chance to video before overheating so here is the first part of Galahad’s ride.  It was four o’clock when his saddle was pulled off… what a fun afternoon!

Galahad Rides Sept 15, 2014

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them.


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