You know it’s going to be good when….

You know it is going to be a great drive when your willing victims put their noses in the halters then all you have to do is drape the lead ropes over their backs and open the gate.  They walk out, go directly to the hitching area and wait for you to get there!

Took lots of video today so I will let that tell our stories.  To keep them shorter there is a

Part One is located here…

Part Two can be found here…

Here is our photo of the day be sure to click on it to bring it up to full size.August19, 2014

Stats: Temperature went up 10 degrees in the hour and 45 minutes while we were out.

Drove 4.45 miles.  This was their 7th hitch together as a team.  5.0 mph walk, that was coming off a steep downhill.  Average speed was 2.8 mph, their pace was a 23 minute mile.


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