Crystal Clear and Absolutely Beautiful

 Just look at that super blue sky, click on Merlin and Galahad’s photo to really enjoy it full size!Merlin and Galahad in Bob's hay field

I just don’t think you could find a more perfect August driving day than what we had this morning.  It was 55 degrees when I went out to harness and 65 when we returned.  Cool crisp breezes popped up every now and then while we were out. The sun felt glorious and it was just a perfect morning all the way around.

Luc ran Merlin into feed jail for me, they had been playing so it wasn’t on purpose, but it was really nice of him to do that.  When Galahad saw what was going on he came in a hurry so he would be chosen to go. There was no problem catching the boys this morning!

We had an hour and 38 minute drive and traveled 4.04 miles.   The boys had a 6.3 mile per hour trot and a 24 minute mile pace.

Enjoy today’s video, we drove next to the canyon…. haven’t done that in years.  Right at the end we had a fun little wildlife surprise so be sure to watch it all the way through.

Driving, It’s the Ultimate Sport~!!~


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