Finally Teamdonk is back to driving!

The smoke has cleared, at least during our drive, the hot summer temperatures have cooled during the early morning hours and to top all that off… it was a soft white wheat field day!

Merlin and Galahad’s back straps were lengthened before we sailed out of port and the extra length seemed to work nicely.  Wanting to stay away from the busy roads we drove through our south hay field and into the neighbors harvested wheat fields.  Here’s our traveling video. or you can view it on Facebook

The road less traveled did get rough just before we exited the second field but it was definitely worth it.  We moved into where the oat hay was harvested and again we had smooth travels.  Then we field hopped as much as possible on our way home.  It was only 63 degrees when we arrived back at 9 am, how sweet was that!  In the coolness of the morning the deer were on the move also, Galahad didn’t miss very many of them.

August18, 2014

Here is our photo of the day.  Click on the boys to bring them up to screen size.  Happy Trails Everyone from OK Sir Galahad on your left and RMS Magical Merlin!


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