A Smoky Environment

Here it is August and I should be posting stories, videos and photos of wonderful field drives, but it is not to be.  A shift in the Jet Stream has brought a series of severe thunderstorms and cooler temperatures lasting several more days to the Pacific Northwest.  Our biggest deterrent to enjoying the great outdoors has been heavy thick layers of smoke engulfing the prairie and cutting our visibility to about a quarter of a mile.  This is what it looks like at out place today.Aug 13,2014Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Several of our larger wildfires are near containment so I’m looking for the smoke to slowly dissipate. Go Firefighters!!

Yesterday we had rain early in the morning and then again later in the day.  The afternoon thunderstorm that roared through the region was  equipped with booming skies and high winds.  It refreshed the air and cleared out the smoke, giving us a welcome break.  It slowed but didn’t stop harvest which was great for us! We are scheduled for a repeat performance from Mother Nature again this afternoon. Unfortunately a large plume of smoke could be seen at the Selway River fire once the storm cleared out the inversion.  This was taken yesterday following the storm.Aug 12, 2014

Jim put a round bale out for the boys to play in and tear apart last Sunday.  They’ve been having a great time with it.  Once they are done Jim will push it into the compost pile and bring them another.  These are bales that are not really good enough to feed but the boys will pick thru them to see if there is anything eatable.  Luc and Marshall decided to hang out together this morning next to our unharvested fall soft white wheat. Aug 14, 2014

That is our Teamdonk update.  If the forecast is correct we hope to be out driving next week.  Merlin and Galahad are wanting to go check out the harvested fields!


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