Merlin and Galahad’s First 2014 Drive

Yesterday Merlin was begging to go driving.  Today he was the first to stick his nose into the halter, nope he had not changed his mind.  Then Galahad stepped up and waited for me to slip his on.  How great is this, the other two were just fine with staying home.

We drove back to the oat hay field again and here’s today’s video!

The first photo was early this morning with the sun warming our back sides, Merlin is on your left and Galahad is to your right.Checking the field

At the edge of the field lies a series of canyons.  The boys wanted to check them out and see what was moving around but today the canyons just gave us beautiful scenery.Checking the canyon at the end of the field

Here is our home place from the top of the ridge line, click on all the photos to bring them up to full size.  In this one you can see Luc waiting for us in the corner and the pens of the bird farm behind the house and the pastures.  The unharvested wheat fields are ours, harvest begins tonight on our farm.Our Home Place & Luc in the corner

Check back in tomorrow for the next segment of driving Marshall, will he get to come up to the hay field with Merlin or is he staying closer to home?


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