Galahad’s Olympic Quest

OK Sir Galahad has really gotten into the Winter Olympics, he decided that the games are a nice diversion from the seriousness of winter.  He has been practicing skiing, ice skating, jumping off the hillsides and soaring through the air all with perfect landings.  It’s all been fun and games but until recently he was having a hard time finding a venue he could excel in..  Yesterday he showed up after a practice session for what he considers his best event.  Mud Rolling!  It really is all my fault as I showed him this photo posted on the Teamdonk’s Facebook page. My bad!

G's Blog

Before the serious practice sessions began, Galahad looked very handsome in his winter strawberry roan attire.

10x12 roof, gives them a good 3 1/2 feet overhang on each side

This is Galahad, also known as Pigpen, as he practices for the Mud Rolling Competition.  He sez he’s ready for Sochi, bring it on!

Klene Feeder 2-12-14


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