The End of July 2014 Drives

Amazing…June and July’s driving totals were almost identical with the same amount of hours and miles I don’t believe that has ever happened before.

We started out this morning at 65 degrees at 7 am and ended at 74 at 10 the cloud cover was wonderful to keep the sun off. In the last two weeks the fall crops have ripen and are close to being ready for harvest .  We did see some crop damage from the recent rain and winds, these are photos no farmer wants his fields too look like so close to the end of the season.

Wheat field wind/rain damage

Our version of a crop circle This is our version of a crop circle.  Click on all the photos to bring them up to full size.

Luc and Galahad had a brief rest stop at the crossroads, just long enough to snap this photo of them checking out the countryside.

July 28 Luc & Galahad

It was a wild life drive with does, fawns and even bucks could be seen everywhere.  It’s been a long time since we have come across a coyote but this morning we watched as one was hunting mice in the hayfield near our house.  The boys didn’t seem to mind him at all.

I’ve noticed Luc’s collar is getting tight and more importantly at times he seems uncomfortable, I think that is why he keeps putting his head down which catches the lines under the neck yoke.   I fitted the next size larger on him which is a 19, that one is a little long but the draft fit perfectly so I think we’ll try it on Thursday which is out next outing.

Driving totals to date are 560 hours and 36 minutes, and over 1,044 miles.  See you in August!

Here is part one of todays video drive.

Part two can be found here.


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