Let’s Catch Up on a Drive!

July! We are starting the best months of Driving Season off right with a Luc and Galahad Teamdonk #1 drive this morning!   The fall wheat fields are beginning to show signs of fading green to a slight yellowish.  It’s the beginning of the prairie changing to the golden fields of harvest.

So much to see with harvest and planting all going on at the same time

This is a view I have truly enjoyed for the past 348 hours and 710 miles since they first started driving together in the summer of 2009.  I’m looking forward to many more hours and miles behind these two!  This photo of Luc and Galahad was taken 7/25/2013.

We’ve  had a couple of weeks worth of rain and some cooler temperatures, but that is all behind us now. Merlin had an abscess on his front near hoof in June and was showing signs of one on his hind rear last week but I think wrapping it with a black drawing poultice did the trick.  This one was milder and healed quickly.  I now know what is causing this and the plan to change their lifestyle is in progress. The boys have been trimmed and are ready to barefoot it down the road.

Marshall has been on deer patrol, blowing, snorting, stomping his front feet and standing his ground while the other three donkeys are peacefully eating and ignoring his antics.  Meanwhile the deer in the back pastures are doing the same right back at him.  A doe brought her tiny newborn out to parade in front of the house and down the lane, now that caught everyone’s attention, including those in the house!  What a magnificent sight!  With Marshall around no animals are safe from discovery, right now he has a deer phobia and it’s not driving friendly.

Luc and Galahad’s 2 hour drive was 5 miles with an average speed of 3 miles per hour.  Temperature was around 70 degrees.  Very pleasant!


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