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A Reprieve From Ole’ Man Winter

This is our first official blog entry of 2014.  I am happy to report that the Camas Prairie is enjoying absolutely beautiful weather, how long it will last is anyone’s guess.  As of right now the Jet Stream is bringing a high pressure system over North Central Idaho.  This was always known as “The January Thaw” when I was growing up.  Whatever it is we will take it!  Today was sunny, 45 degrees with just a slight breeze. 

The result of all this sunshine was the Teamdonk boys were wormed today on a nearly full moon.  Marshall had his first time worming with me and he was really good about it.  No halters needed on the other three and Galahad was loose in the pasture when he got his “treat”.   As usual Luc wanted seconds!

Too nice of weather to waste, so it was a let’s go walking day.  Galahad was first, he actually is pretty good and since the gate was down to the pasture across the road we went exploring the cow/calf pasture.  That was a first!

I locked Marshall into feed jail and let Galahad loose through the big gate.  Marshall opened the feed jail gate and met Galahad and I at the big gate.  He definitely wanted to go and shoved his big red head into the halter.  YIPPEE!  I let him stop whenever he had a question about the landscape, like a bank of snow we walked beside.  He also likes to graze in hand.  Since this is for his relaxation I let him, but when it is time to go he needs to learn who is boss of this operation!

There is a rock formation on the neighbors corner of the fence line.  Oh my gosh Marshall threw a fit, snorted, stomped and wanted to run.  I did what I would do if we were driving, I talked him out of his fear.  It is much easier to do on the ground than it is in a cart.  Oh this one is going to be fun to drive! On the way back up the lane I had a hard time getting Marshall to walk on, he was really enjoying his time away from everyone and did not want to go back to the pasture.

Marshall got to try on a 17 inch driving collar.  I found it was a little to tight for my liking,  I even had it it in the largest hole.  I think I will put a neck pad under an 18 inch collar and try that next, maybe that is the answer.  Marshall picked up his feet for me also today.  Good Job, Big Guy!

On Merlin’s walk I could hardly keep up and he did not want to slow down, nor did he want to turn around.  We went down the road and back and then into the cow pasture, crossed the culvert and up the hill.  Merlin winded me, he was in full time let’s go mode!  Next time I am going to throw a saddle on him for the very first time.

Luc did not get to go today for a walk.  Next time for sure!  Hopefully we will get to go again this week!