Just Another Day At the Office

Bronson Sheep

Spent a little family time recently away from Teamdonk and Jim traveling to Southern Idaho. That of course meant some pretty WOW day trips with my Dad, Niece and Nephew.  Nik and Sean shared their daily fun and game adventures by including me.  The weather was absolutely beautiful with warm sunny days.

Bronson Sheep

It is lamb shipping season which put us near the Utah border on the Blackpine Mountain range.  Glen is the herder and to do his job he has several guard and herding dogs and good old Lester.  Lester is getting up there in years so Glen takes extra special care of the old boy.Bronson Sheep

Glen had the sheep corralled and ready to be sorted by the time Sean and I arrived. Nik brought the recently purchased Rams with her.  For those who know sheep breeds they are Columbians and poled Rambouillets which will give them some nice big lambs ready for market this time next year.

If you would like to see the photos full size, click and see what happens!The new bucks and one of the new herding puppies


4 thoughts on “Just Another Day At the Office

    1. Teamdonk Post author

      Thanks Mary and yes, I agree! So amazed at how well they turned out, but it was a beautiful day and the scenery was perfect… can’t go wrong with that! 🙂


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