Every Spring and Every Fall

You can set your calendars by it!  Every Spring and every Fall Merlin has his semi-annual abscess. Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Merlin showed up to breakfast with a slight limp.  Once I was sure he really was limping I took the Digital Laser Thermometer out to take hoof and leg temperatures.  Above the hoof in the back of the pastern I could feel some heat and then it was very warm up along the side of the leg on the inside. The concern came from his lower leg temperature which registered 110 degrees, everyone else was a cool 65 degrees.   I taped an ice pack on it and wrapped it using an old tee-shirt to keep the cold in.  After two hours of wearing the iced pellets his leg temperature was slightly warm, I’ll continue to monitor it during the day and reapply the ice pack if needed. Merlin's hot leg Above the hoof and over the coronary band I taped a preemie diaper filled with Ichammol and food grade sulfur to help draw the infection out. He was also started on 1 gram of powered Butte and a packet of Uniprim mixed with applesauce administered orally.  He will get a second gram of butte later in the day, if needed.  This will need to continue for the next nine days.  If nothing else Merlin has taught me a lot about how to treat his recurring abscesses.

This one can not even be blamed on fall grass as we still are lacking the moisture needed to revive the pastures. If I am not seeing improvement come Sunday evening I guess my vacation plans to visit family will be canceled so I can stay home and make sure he gets over this quickly.  Looks like he is done driving and riding for the year.

On a happy note…September driving was wonderful with eight drives on Merlin and Galahad.  We ended the month logging in over a total of 590 driving hours and over 1,121 miles since 2006.  I’m still hoping for more drives in October with Luc and Galahad before winter sets in for good.

4 pm update:  There was no heat in Merlin’s leg and he has a very mild limp.  Here’s hoping it does not blow up into an abscess.


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