Soaking up the Sunshine

That is pretty much what we did on today’s outing, soaking up the sun.  It was 63 degrees shortly before noon when we arrived back home so the warm sun felt good in the chilly air.  The boys just wanted to enjoy the scenery and stopped often just to look and relax.  What a great way to end the first week of September driving.

Yesterday we saw a lone cow that was checking out our drive.  Today that cow is back with the herd only now she has a newborn calf with her. I took this photo of them from on top of the ridge line.  They were in the bottom of the canyon a long way off but the photo still kinda came out okay.cow-Calf Once again I split up the videos to keep them short for easier loading.  The first one has a walk around the cart and the boys just before heading out.

Part Two is out in the hay field.  No deer and definitely no drama just lots of beautiful vistas. You’ll find that video here.

Our photo of the day shows the boys intently watching a pickup on the gravel road off in the distance.  Perfect for an ears up picture.  Be sure to click on the pictures to bring them up to full size. Merlin & Galahad Sept 5, 2014The tip of Merlin’s right ear shows the Butte that caught fire, wasn’t that nice of him to point it out?  See you next week.


4 thoughts on “Soaking up the Sunshine

  1. Teamdonk Post author

    Got it fixed Mary, go back and try again and let me know if it still is not working! I only oil my harness in the fall after I wash it and get it ready for winter. In the spring before I throw it on them I give it another good coat of oil… Hope you couldn’t see how dirty it and my cart is! Everything right now has a coat of field dust on it…including me!! LOL!


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