Wheat Field Stubble Driving in September

Merlin & Galahad

We had a late start today because of the cooler temperatures, it was in the 30s earlier.  Once it warmed up we were off ’n driving!  It was 52 degrees when we headed out.  By the time we returned it had warmed up twenty degrees and the winds were kicking up.

Here are two videos that show today’s journey.

Part Two ends up in our wheat field across the road from the first two fields we were in.

By the time I was getting ready to post this I could see a lot of dust coming from both of the first two fields we were in this morning.  With all the field work going on it is getting harder to find places to go off road driving, but don’t worry we will keep seeking them out!

Don’t forget to click on the photo to bring it up to full size.


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