Donkey Driving Games

We are quickly running out of driving days in August so I took advantage of a beautiful early morning outing in our favorite hay field.  This was another one of those perfect field driving days.DSC01922

Part one of our drive is all about the donkey driving games that I played to wake them up a little and get better response to the voice and whip.  I also wanted to see if I could direct them just by looking towards where I wanted them to go.  You will find that video here…

We saw quite a few deer in the field we were driving in. This video is the boys reaction to deer moving near them.  I was very impressed.

The boys are shaded up and getting to go again in the morning. Remember to bring the photos up to full size all you have to do is click on them!  Aug 28, 2014


2 thoughts on “Donkey Driving Games

  1. Mary Stuman

    Thank you for these beautiful videos – these guys have a beautiful place to hang out under those trees. You certainly live in beautiful country. bye

  2. Teamdonk Post author

    So nice to know when folks like Teamdonk’s blog enough to respond! Thank you Mary. I think they are pretty spoiled. It is about ten degrees cooler in those trees and there is usually a nice breeze. I know, when I get overheated I go down and visit with them! It’s a donkey paradise!


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