Driving Amongst the Hay Bales

Aug 5, 2014

Luc and Galahad were the first to step into the Oat and Millet hay field.  Fun, fun FUN is the only way to describe this early morning drive.  It was comfortable all the way with a light breeze and the temps between 60 and 70.  Luc’s larger size collar,  a size 19,  seems to work great.  Now he is telling me the bit hurts his mouth… what a diva!  So I’ll be making dental appointments for all of them.  The GoPro failed us but I got some great photos!

The boys at home can see us are are talking to the team

The boys back home were cheering Teamdonk #1 on as they watched us go across the ridge line.  Click on the photos to bring them up to full size.

As we were leaving Luc and Galahad had a rest break next to the haying equipment.  There are rolling hills in this field and it was a good workout for the team.

Meeting Bob's haying equipment


2 thoughts on “Driving Amongst the Hay Bales

  1. Teamdonk Post author

    Thanks Mary, I am so disappointed that the GoPro didn’t record… we had fun weaving around the bales, and going between our own Stone Hedge where the bales were stacked high all around us. Maybe they will still be there tomorrow when Merlin and Galahad get to make the early morning trip!


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