Teamdonk Two with Drive #6!

Marshall and Merlin have been laid off for almost one month .  Merlin’s hoof has now completely healed and it’s hard to tell where the split on the back happened.   All of the Mammoth Donkey’s hoofs are looking great, we love this time of the year!!

Marshall has been coming to terms with our local wildlife population.  He is doing much better with the deer near his pastures and seems to enjoy watching the fawns running and playing without getting too overly upset.  I have water, salt and fresh apples in the back yard to encourage them to come and harass Marshall.

Merlin and Marshall were laid back, completely calm and relaxed this morning while harnessing.  I hitched them to the Pacific Gig just to see if I still needed to have the pole flipped over and it definitely does.  I’m finished with driving that vehicle for the summer, I’ll switch them over to the four wheel buggy as soon as I reassemble the single trees and pole assembly and make sure the tires are inflated.

It was a terrific short drive that included a few times up and down the driveway, back to the hitching area to approach and stand nicely then move off again.  We even took a spin around the machine shed.  The drive ended on a good note and  that is something I wanted to accomplish.

Marshall tried several times to have his own way but Merlin, with my assistance, proved to be to much for him,  it was two against his one!  I am ready and looking forward to more drives this week with both teams.

We are having hot, dry, hazy weather with afternoon winds and sometimes the smell of wildfire smoke, it sure feels a lot like August with the temperatures hovering in the high 90’s and humidity barely in the teens.  The Camas Prairie harvest is in full swing, making it a good time to drive early and close to home!  This is where Luc and Galahad will go going soon.  This is the oat and mullet field that is being put up for cattle feed.  The oats are bailed and it looks like we could have a ton of fun going around those bales.  Click on the photo to bring it up to full size.Oat Hay & mullet


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