Wildfire Smoke and Hot Dry Temperatures did not detour Teamdonk

Off and driving at 7 am at a comfortable 61 degrees and it stayed nice for the duration of our outing, yes I love mornings like this!  Luc and Galahad were anxious to get out and see how their world has evolved since their last outing on July 8th.  The GoPro worked great and a lot of footage was recorded.  There was so much that I broke it into two parts.  The first link is:


Part two can be found at


The temperature had skyrocket to 75 degrees by 9 am.  I was indeed happy to be home and have everything put away by then.  The winds kicked up in the afternoon bringing with it clouds of smoke from the west.   To the east I could see afternoon thunder heads building.  A bad combination all the way around.

Todays stats:   If you watched the second video you know that we were out for 1 hour and 21 minutes.  We traveled 3.09 miles at a 26 minute per mile walk.  That translates to a 2.9 average speed but the boys threw in a 4.2 mph when Galahad got his reminder tap.  Our average speed is 3.0 on flat ground.  They were rearing to get down the road!  It was indeed a fun drive!

July 17, 2013

Todays photos shows how the crops have evolved.  On your left is a canola field that bloomed early in the season.  To your right is fall wheat.  Click the photo to bring it up to full size.



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