Kisses for Marshall

Merlin reached over and gave Marshall a kiss on his nose, it seems Merlin is very happy with his new teammate.  We went hill climbing today and the new team had their first trot a slow easy 6.3 mph jog.  I really like that!

Serenaded by the enchanting sounds of bagpipes, carrots for the donkeys and cookies for me… we have the world’s best donkey lovin’ neighbors!  Merlin loves listening to bagpipes while he munches on his share of the carrots, what a great spot to take a break.  Marshall wasn’t so sure but hey Merlin likes it so it must be okay!

We drove a relaxing 4 miles, I even had to exit the cart once to check on some harness and cart issues.  Both donkeys stood fine while I got out and then back in.  I am going to put Merlin back into his 18 inch collar, Marshall is going to try a 17 inch collar and the gig is going to the welder to get the singletrees lowered.  I had the same issues as last year as that I had today so I think it is time to see if this will solve my line of draft problems.

Here is some of today’s drive



2 thoughts on “Kisses for Marshall

    1. Teamdonk Post author

      They are! If I call their names, pick up the lines then ask to move off… they go so much better together! I am thinking of switching them to the 4 wheeled buggy until I can get the Gig worked over. It is a little heavier but is such a nice ride for me! The line of draft will be so much better for them! Marshall is in a 17 inch collar! He’s becoming a hill climber!

      Nelda, reread the post I just added a second paragraph!


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