May 2014

DSC01161The Merry Month of May has seen it’s last Teamdonk drive and it was a good one!  Forty-six degrees at hitch time and 65 degrees upon our return.  The breeze was light and on the cool side.  The sky was almost clear except for a few high clouds and one very lost little thunderhead.  I spotted two deer, the boys I think missed them both!  

We drove into Day Canyon and coming out on the steeper side we stopped for a nice chat with the Fed EX guy.  He had never passed us before and didn’t know he did not need to stop.  What a nice gentleman!  We had several cars pass us both directions.  On the way home we pulled off to let the weed sprayer go past, Galahad was really upset he had to drive on the wrong side of the road because of the smelly wet spray, who would have thought it mattered to him but it did!

Trotting was especially fun today.  Our first was a slow jog at just six mph when we were just starting out on our warm up.  The second was on more of a downhill slope and that was 7 mph, the third one was trotting up hill and they were playing CDE (Combined Driving Events) and pushed the speed to 8 mph, just because they could!

The boys are still sporting lots of long heavy hair, Luc is shedding out nicely but he is the only one.  So they are still in conditioning mode but at 3.1 mph no one wanted to slow down this morning!

Here are our May Stats:

Total of 5 drives for Luc and Galahad

11 hours and 43 minutes

26.55 miles

We are only 3.02 miles away from our 1,000 Logged Miles Goal… next drive for sure!  I think there should be some fireworks involved!

Todays short video is of the creek in the bottom of Day Canyon and all it’s happy sounds.  Luc and Galahad were in a hurry to get home so it’s just a quickie, Luc was telling me….“Really…really, do we have to stop? …Let’s go….  Okay we’re going!”




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