The Canola is in Full Bloom

Fall Canola

Teamdonk is taking a rest break at the entrance to a Fall Canola field in full bloom  Click on the photo to bring it up to full size. The fall canola fields have exploded into brilliant yellow and they’re full of happy hard working little honey bees!

A storm is moving in so it was a hurry up and go morning, the boys and I needed a drive before work tomorrow!  It was only in the forty’s when we hitched, the low fifty’s when we were driving and just barely into the sixty’s at noon, but we did it!

I fixed Galahad’s floppy traces by tightening them up one notch and loosening his breast strap that goes back to the quarter straps.  I think Luc’s needs lengthened next, put on a few pounds there boys?

Today’s video is at the half way point of our drive and with a few stills thrown in.  The longer clip we took today you will get to see later.  For now you can enjoy this mornings drive at:

Galahad and Luc had a scare that almost resulted in a run for your life!  Two dogs were running and playing along a fence line coming towards us.  Both the boys were ready to bolt when the dogs were suddenly called to come by their owner.  Thank goodness, Galahad got real big real quick and he was ready to flee!  Even Luc said, “I’m right there beside you, Galahad, this looks bad!”

Today’s stats:  Our first trot was a nice jog at 7.1 miles per hour, the one in this film clip was 7.8 mph, you will notice it was all uphill and they wanted to keep on going so I let them!  We were out for two hours and our drive ended right at 5 miles.  Moving average was 2.3 miles per hour and our overall average was at 3 mph.  This was our third drive of the year, we are two drives away from marking 1,000 logged driving miles with the Mammoth Donkeys known as Teamdonk!


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