Getting Ready!


This is my view from inside the tractor cab.  What you see is the log deck in the background that Jim cut next winter’s firewood from earlier in the day.  He is stacking the splitter that I operate from the tractor.  Click on the photo to make it full size.

It’s never to early to think about Ole’ Man Winter!  Memorial Day was our first chance to get a start on next winter’s heating fuel.  I was able to run the splitter and the video camera at the same time so you could see how smoothly this operation goes.

It was good day, we got a healthy cord of wood neatly stacked in the shed!  More time and cooler temperatures will get this job done before the snow flies again, five more cords of wood to go!


5 thoughts on “Getting Ready!

  1. Mary Stuman

    Wow that operation is really something – we finally got rain here in Boerne Texas – downpours – take care of those donkeys


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