Enchanting Emerald Green

Log us in for another Terrific Teamdonk #1 Drive.  Good going Luc and Galahad!

Everyone is here you just have to look hard to find them

Click on the photo to bring it up to full size.

The donkey boys are now locked in the back pasture for 10 days to rest the front pasture that was sprayed last evening with weed killer.  When I went to get them this morning it didn’t take them long to jump the creek and make their way thru the belly deep grass to get their halters on so we could go!  I sure hope no one is temped to overeat when I’m not looking!

We drove over six miles to enjoy a short visit with two different neighbors and we met another neighbor along the way giving us a chance to catch up with the latest neighborhood news.  We passed the dreaded cows that like to play chase causing a teamdonk runaway.  This time our timing was perfect, score two points for the donkeys as we successfully passed them going both directions without any excitement from Luc and Galahad or the cows and bottle-fed calves.

The prairie is blanketed in enchanting emerald green fall wheat fields with patches of bright yellow canola.  There is still snow on the mountain peaks and today it all happened under brilliant blue skies.  The temperature made it into the 70s  during our drive with a light breeze that had a cooling effect on my exposed skin.  I only sunburnt where I forgot to add sunscreen, imagine that… I will remember the tops of my legs next time out!

We are fifteen miles away from logging one thousand, it’s getting closer by the drive!  The rains are coming for a visit tomorrow so we’ll wait for the sunshine and go again.



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