Just a little more….

This is a short clip left over from yesterday’s drive with a couple of photos thrown in, just for fun.


We drove the 5 mile loop in 2 hours and 15 minutes on our second drive!  Galahad and I watched a deer leaping through the canola while the team was catching their breath.  Luc was  napping, I think!

With their heavy hair coats and just coming out of winter  they get to move at a slower pace with more rest breaks.  These drives make them warm and a little sweaty, once in shape I can’t hardly make them break a sweat!  They  usually enjoy a good roll when we get back for our drive.

Their hooves are looking good and fortunately they are not picking up a lot of tiny rocks but they still getting a good cleaning after each drive just in case.

Now it is Marshall’s turn to get some ground driving in before he gets hitched with Luc.  He is really wanting to go and Luc can show him the way.  Watch for Marshal’s first Teamdonk drive coming to a computer near you soon!


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