Teamdonk Update

Teamdonk May 14th update… Marshall has decided to shed using the deadlock method, that was a new one on me! Hair clumped and twisted together, very interesting!  But the fall out is happening… his hair coat this winter was about two inches long! The other three are shedding in their normal patterns which is good.  We are still getting into the freezing temperatures at night so I am not pushing it.

Marshall is lovin’ this green grass but is restricted to the front pasture as are all the others so I can keep close eye on them. The farrier was out Tuesday the 13th and while I was waiting for him I harnessed up Marshall and planned to take him for a ground drive down the driveway.

Everyone was neatly trimmed even Merlin was able to stand long enough on his abscessed hoof to get the other front done.  The hoof wall is still packing some heat so it has not blown out completely.  It is soft above the back of the hoof so that is where I have it packed with Ichammol and bandaged.  He is in less pain and getting around much better.  Luc had an old puncture wound in his hoof but I think we will get away without an abscess on that one!

My first ground drive with Marshall was in Kanab, Utah last November..

Ground driving Marshall

When the farrier left it was Marshall’s turn to go for a ground drive this time in full Teamdonk harness. Right at the start Galahad went crazy… running, bucking and braying! It totally upset Marshall as he did not know what the heck was going on so Marshall and I just made a short fast driveway loop. Later as I was getting ready for our first drive of the year I realized I had Galahad’s harness on Marshall, maybe that is what Galahad was trying to tell me! “He’s wearing MY harness… you crazy woman!”   I think it had to be the green eyed monster that wants to go driving that possessed Galahad into a frenzied craziness!

Luc and Galahad drive Thursday!  The harness is out and the plan is in place!  I am without my normal hitching and unhitching areas so we will get ready to go down by the car carrier and unhitch at the donkey trailer, then have a nice stroll back down the hill to the pasture.  Let’s do it!

Luc and Marshall will drive together later this month while Merlin is healing but I am going to pen up Galahad, who is going to be very unhappy and vocal I’m sure!


2 thoughts on “Teamdonk Update

  1. mary stuman

    I absolutely loved seeing these videos -I have 2 American Blackbelly sheep and I really got a kick out seeing all those sheep – Donkeys are doing just great – thanks for sharing Mary

  2. Teamdonk Post author

    Thanks Mary, so glad you enjoyed the trailing videos, there are close to a thousand head of ewes in that band I am guessing. Yes, they are amazing animals that they know the route after traveling it as a lamb first and then as young adult second. By the third time it is just get out of my way and yes, I know the short cut goes thru here… just don’t try to change their route on them! Thanks for spending some time with us!


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