The Great Donkey Escape, Foiled Again!

Saturday March 22nd….. date line Grangeville, Idaho.. Jim and his John Deere had a blast playing with Teamdonk as he and the boys house cleaned the donkey’s domain. The Mammoth Donkey boys were such great help supervising every step of the way.

Pasture cleanup


Marshall is the sorrel facing the pile to your left. Merlin is facing the pile and on your right. Luc is sideways standing there plotting as usual and Galahad is farthest from the tractor and the pile, front and center!

When it came time to leave the pasture Luc beat the tractor to the gate. Here he said, “Let me show you how to get this thing open!” With his mouth on the chain and pulling for all he is worth he did his best to open that gate so the great 2014 donkey escape could happen! As Jim watched Luc’s gate opening techniques he lowered the tractor bucket to the ground. This caught Luc’s attention, with the bucket sitting flat on the ground Luc marched over and stuck a foot in it. Since that worked out so well he put both front feet in and stood there looking at Jim sitting in the cab. Luc’s pasture shadow, Mr Marshall, decided that since his best buddy could do it so could he. Marshall put both front feet in the bucket and Jim had two donkeys checking him out!

Seeing that he had way to much help Jim decided to let the tractor run while he walked down to the feeder he had moved to a drier location. This brought Merlin up to the tractor to see what the other two were up to and he found a great head rubbing spot on the back blade.

Galahad..poor Galahad was feeling pretty left out! He is so afraid of the tractor when it is running and Jim is nearby. But here it is in his pasture running with no operator and the other three are having a great time. Galahad stretched his neck and head out as far as he could and stretched some more until finally he could finally get a sniff at a tire… Hey, smells like donkey! He finally became brave enough to touch the tractor and then proceeded to rub his head on the back blade just like his buddy Merlin!

Meanwhile Luc spotted Jim down at the feeder and decided he need to go investigate! That took Marshall away from the tractor as he can’t ever be far from Luc. Merlin and Galahad were done with their scratches and walked away. Finally an opportunity to get the green machine out of the pasture without Luc and his gang of merry men escaping!

Pasture cleanup done… harrowing is next!


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