Donkey Smarts

The Klene Pipe Structure Hay Feeder proved to be no challenge for Teamdonk!  The Mammoth Donkey boys, one in particular, figured out how to get around eating between the metal slates.

Merlin, discovered that once a new bale is set all he has to do is push on it to roll it across the feeder.  He is tall enough that he can push between the slates and also over the top of the gravity sides and he has enough power to get the job done.  Once he has it rolled across the feeder the sides change position.  With the bale against the north side it stands straight up.  Meanwhile the other side lays flat enough the boys can reach in and pull hay out over the top of the south side.  Being the naughty donkeys they can be they can throw the outside of the bale on the ground and just munch on the yummy core.

We came up with a number of ways to fix this situation.  What worked great was to tie the top of the two gravity sides together with the twine from the new bale.  That held the hay in place and they could NOT drop a side down.  Rolling it is no longer an option for Merlin!

Like I always say … “Just gotta be smarter than the donk!”

Klene Feeder 3-21-14

Merlin at the feeder with the  panels tied together at the top on day two of the round bale.  Click on the photo to make it full size.


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