Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Wherever you go and
Whatever you do, may
The Luck of the Irish
Be there for you.

Wherever you go and
Whatever you do
May the Luck of the Irish
Bring a donkey or two.

(or a Mule or a Horse…whatever will do.)

Thank you Elaine Anderson Wood for adding to this Irish Blessing and to Mary Anna Scannell for typing it out!

May your Irish Eyes be smiling today and everyday!


2 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. isayyeeha

    Well done Kristi. I’m happy to be a wee part of such a good thing on a happy St. Patty’s day. And my Irish eyes are smiling, as they so often do.

    It’s late, no longer St. Patty’s day. I have been reading all afternoon and evening on trimming…for I am determined to be my own farrier. I did pretty well last year and want to be better at it as I get started this spring again. Of all the reading, I am finding I like Maureen Tierney’s Hoof Guided Method best. It makes sense to me. I had a certified barefoot trimmer here last fall and I didn’t like what she did at all. The gal who was here did what most of the barefoot trimmers do. Tierney’s understanding and methods are so much more natural and sensible to me.

    Now off to bed. The donkeys and horse will want me to get up on time to feed them in the morning. They don’t understand this studying thing. Their stomachs rule…and I will be there. One day I’ll get slow feed hay nets and be able to sleep in.

    Good night.

    1. Teamdonk Post author

      Thank you Mary Anna for always being so positive, even when I know you are not having the best days. Thanks for taking the time to type this out so neat and pretty, you are a gem! “)

      I really liked this link you posted awhile back http://www.albertadonkeyandmule.com/pdfs/FootCare-NotesForFarriers.pdf on Donkey hooves. It has a lot of great info and I love the photos. It is hard to maintain a healthy hoof but it can be accomplished even in the wet and cold of the Pacific Northwest. I am going to squirt the next fresh trim with a good dose of Keratex which is a hoof hardener. I am hoping to avoid the spring abscesses we often see. The hooves seem softer after coming out of winter. It is another reason I wait to start driving, to let the hooves dry out a bit, sluff off the extra frog and harden up enough to take the gravel roadbeds. I have such great farriers, I really am spoiled.

      Yes, if you get a slow feeder bag get the best material available and the largest holes and make sure you place it either up high or in a feeder where they can't get their hooves caught. They sure are nice!

      Hope you got a good nights sleep and get those donkey kids fed before it get's too loud!


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