Klene Feeder, Day Four

First let’s go back in time and remember how it looked before the Klene Hay Feeder!  This was day two on a 750 pound round bale.  Look at the waste and the mess!  Even more important this feeder has become very dangerous, even for calm quiet donkeys that are careful not to hurt themselves. It had served it’s purpose and what we wanted was a better replacement.

Snow and Cold

With four mammoth donkeys working on all sides and one going over the top of the grills, there is still not much waste, even on day four.


This was a four foot round bale and for perspective this is one of our 56 inch mammoth donkeys, Okay Sir Galahad.  We have had periods of snow the past four days but the bale remains nice and dry!


The temperatures have been down to minus 18 at night with single digits during the day so the boys are eating to stay warm.  It’s not going to take them long to finish off this round bale, probably just another day.  Next week the Pacific Northwest forecast is calling for a warm up with rain and wind, again we expect the hay to stay mostly dry.  It is so nice to have it off the wet ground!, that is a huge bonus!

Klene Feeder 2-6-14

Thanks Klene Pipe Structures for a quality product that fits the needs of feeding livestock!  Check out the other great products at www.KlenePipe.com or just call for a brochure 1-800-876-9721 tell them Teamdonk in Idaho sent you!

For a closer look at the photos click on the picture to increase their size.




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