New Years Day

If you have arrived here, you are in the right place for Teamdonk’s 2014 adventures!  Our first donkey post of the new year will be coming soon….


Here is The Official Teamdonk Welcoming Committee Board Members.  From left to right is…

OK Sir Galahad, in charge of choir practice and letting the world know that we are late getting his feed dish out the door!  He is also head of the Let’s Play Committee and is well known for group motivational exercise sessions.

ALERRT’S Montana Marshall, has been on board since November 2013 and he is our pace car!  Keep up or get left in his dust!  Our one and only Big Red Ass!

RMS Lippyluver Luc will always be the President of the Board.  Luc (Luke) has been with us the longest and is usually the star of the show when it comes to donkey antics!

Peeking out from behind is RMS Magical Merlin, who is such a kind and gentle soul.  Merlin knows his job and works hard for me.  He is true blue when it comes to driving and I can always count on him to perform to be best ability.

Click on the photos of the blog to bring them up to full size.  If you like click the Follow Button to view our posts as they happen.  This blog, like the others in the past, will be mostly about Donkey Driving and Mammoth Donkey pasture adventures.

Here is a list of past blogs…


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